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Eliminate the stress and the learning curve!

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Because we all do things differently having a custom built program means your task are simplified to fit your church operations rather than trying to fit your church operations into a name brand one size fit all software.

     1. We customize your church letterhead
     2. We customize your offering types to fit your local church offerings
     3. We customize your your reports, monthly, quarterly, or member's year end reports
     4. We customize your financial reports
     5. Free membership transfer
     6. One click Year End Reporting
​     7. One click Individual Contribution Reporting 
     8. Table cash accounting and reports
     9. Payroll module
   10. Vehicle Maintenance Module
   11. Newsletter Module
   12. RSVP Module

Simplifying your accounting process eliminates the need for constantly training and retraining by offering a simple and easy to use system. When the office changes personnel the transition and learning curve is not a problem. There is no need to sacrifice order and transparency because of a complicated accounting system. 

Getting Started
1. Our services are secured by the purchase of a confirmation code.
2. A Representative will contact you and discuss your church financial operations
3. We build the program
4. You approve your letterhead and features are verified
​5. Your product is delivered.

Over the following 30 days we work closely with you to ensure that your program fits you church operations perfectly.
Secure your custom build today for a $150. for the a above features. Or you can signup for a free subscription and cancel in 30 days with no cost to you. 

You also receive a 30 minute one on one free training session.

You get one year free technical support and our personal guarantee and dedication to your success.