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Best Software for Churches

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The best church software for churches should be simple and easy to use and a critical part of your church office. ChurchBooks3 church software is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of churches and other religious organizations. It offers a range of features, including fund accounting, members and donation tracking, and other features to help manage the financial aspects of running a church.

This church program program manages your entire church office and brings into focus church finances that other church software programs fail to do. Another useful feature of ChurchBooks3 is its members' management system. The program allows churches to keep track of their members' contact information, attendance, church contributions and other important details. 


Best Software for Churches

Church Donations Made Easy

One of the key features of ChurchBooks3 is its ability to centralize church programs in one location. Track donations and contributions. The program allows users to record all donations and contributions made to the church, including the date, amount, and donor information. This information can then be used to generate reports and statements for tax purposes or for communicating with donors.
Overall, ChurchBooks3 is an excellent church database program for churches of all sizes. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features make it an indispensable tool for managing church finances, member information, and other administrative tasks. If you're looking for a reliable and easy-to-use database program for your church, ChurchBooks3 is definitely worth considering.


Church Financial Management Software

In addition to these features, ChurchBooks3 also includes a number of other tools and resources to help churches manage their administrative tasks. This church technology includes built-in tools for generating reports, managing events and activities, and communicating with members and volunteers.

ChurchBooks3 also includes a budget management system that allows churches to set budgets for various departments and track their spending. This feature helps churches to stay on track financially and avoid overspending,


Church Membership Tracking

ChurchBooks3 is a database program designed specifically for churches to manage their administrative tasks efficiently. The software has been developed by a team of experts in the field, including accountants and church administrators, with the aim of providing churches with an easy-to-use and reliable database program.

The ChurchBooks3 software is designed to help churches keep track of their financial records, members, donations, and other administrative tasks. The program is user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use for people with little or no experience in database management.

This is the perfect small church accounting software!

Church Membership Software

Church Service Donations

Simultaneous Collections and Year-End Accounting

Beginning with envelopes, checks, and other forms receiving donations, document those donations that will show on donors' year-end reports. Next, document lump sum offering that is given during the main and other groups such as Sunday school. Finally, close out by documenting any cash paid out before reaching the accounting office, and verify your coin count.

Beginning with envelopes, checks, and other forms receiving donations, document those donations that will show on donors' year-end reports. Next, document lump sum offering that is given during the main and other groups such as Sunday school. Finally, close out by documenting any cash paid out before reaching the accounting office, and verify your coin count.

Document Your Church Services

Simplicity and Security

ChurchBooks3  is a simple and secure database management system that allows users to store, organize, and analyze large amounts of data. Its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools make it an accessible option for beginners, while its advanced features cater to the needs of experienced users. In terms of security, Access provides several measures to protect data, such as password protection, user-level security, and encryption. Additionally, ChurchBooks3 is compatible with other Microsoft applications, such as Excel and Word, making it easy to integrate data and simplify workflows. Overall, ChurchBooks3 is a reliable and efficient option for churches and nonprofits looking to manage their data in a secure and user-friendly manner.

Pricing Plans

Best Software for Small Churches

Track every aspect of your church membership and personal information in safety. ChurchBooks3 accounting program for churches offers a simple and easy way to keep up with and know all member activities.

ChurchBooks3 stores your church data in a secure database on your local computer and not in the cloud where privacy issues may be a concern and is the best church accounting software for small churches.

This data file is easily backed up to your own Dropbox or other private cloud storage.

Church Management Software

ChurchBooks3 is a group of simplistic church database software programs that are easy to use and located in one central location. It is a must-have as reports differ from one church to another and accountability and transparency become job one. Part of the many challenges churches faces is the transition over time, ChurchBooks3 gives a solid foundation by providing a simplistic method of passing down your church books.

When the time comes to pass down the office to someone who may have little computer and or accounting experience you can rest assured, this software stands tall and is worth consideration.

Open-source Church presentation software

Free presentation software that allows you to create and present multimedia presentations. This free download offers a range of features and tools that allow users to add text, images, audio, and video to their presentations, as well as a range of templates and themes to help users create a professional-looking presentation quickly and easily. OpenLP is a free presentation software that also offers features such as collaboration tools, the ability to share presentations online, and the ability to present remotely.

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Discover why customers around the world use ChurchBooks3 to optimize accounting software for small churches. Read testimonials from some of our satisfied clients. Don't take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say. . Remove the stress of locating and reporting members' receipts and financial records. Track Membership activities, collect members' donations and print year-end receipts with the simple click of a button. Record your church ledger expenditures with one-click account reports easily publishing weekly, monthly quarterly or year-end expense reports.

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A. Lutrell Forester
A. Lutrell Forester
20:03 28 Jun 22
Mr. Hanner's webinar was very informative. His directions were clear and too the point. I look forward to my demo... trial and moving to the full program. Highly recommend viewing webinar more
Abiola Oseni
Abiola Oseni
23:36 22 Jun 22
Excellent, highly knowledgeable and patient with deep understanding of the software and related applications. I highly... recommend him to any church that wants to be on top of its accurate record keeping and meeting tight reporting more
Lori McAfee
Lori McAfee
00:05 04 May 22
Personable, responsive and a wonderful product. Helped our ministry to stay on target with reporting donations,... expenses, income and vendors. You will love this software!read more
Josua Kadima
Josua Kadima
18:14 18 Apr 21
MR Hanner is always there for your support. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Will definitely renew our software.
Tammy Knight
Tammy Knight
03:55 11 Jan 21
Mr. Hanner is an exceptional person. I would highly recommend purchasing the ChurchBooks 3 program. He is very... knowledgeable and trustworthy. He will stay on the phone with you whether it takes 10 minutes or 3 hours. He cares about his customers deeply. I will never buy another program other than his. Thank you Mr. Hanner for all your help! GOD BLESSread more
Gaye Calhoun
Gaye Calhoun
19:13 02 Jul 20
Roy was a good person to talk to. He set up and manage his church management software which is very simple to use. My... issue is that it did not have all the software and programs we need such as writing & printing our own checks plus state and tax forms we need. Other than those items I believe any small church could easily use the more
St. Paul UMC
St. Paul UMC
18:04 29 Apr 20
We installed Church Books 3, six or seven years ago. A problem surfaced recently, the problem was repaired with updates... within 24 hours. The tech team was excellent. Highly recommend this more
T Smith
T Smith
00:11 22 Mar 20
I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Roy Hanner on this awesome Churchbooks program and he is a joy to work... with. He goes out of his way to make sure that the customer is satisfied. I appreciate all that he has done for our church.#TrulyHappyread more
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