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Church employees and church administrators are part of a growing administrator network. Administrators make for a more significant church organization. A survey of church employees finds deep divides.

A vast study of the Church workforce in America shows the people who know best how the church is run are the employees themselves, however, the employees themselves are deeply split on crucial operations issues across the nation.


We help Church employees, Administrators, Pastors, and Ministry Leaders make church administration easy. Imagine church management software designed to connect quickly, train, and grow your church in one central location. By centralizing ministry calendars, online giving, small group ministry tools, text messaging, video conferencing, task management, and more, your church can increase teamwork, streamline ministry communications and deploy effective church growth strategies.

Regardless of what kind of leadership structures and systems are in place, there are specific critical responsibilities that any local church’s senior leadership team is charged with carrying out. The church’s structures and systems are tools that empower and support the team in the fulfillment of these duties.

Church task can be greatly simplified with the use of a good Church Management Software. Moving into a new system can be a challenge. That’s why we’ll do it for you at no extra charge. Whether you’re using another church management system or a handful of Excel files and sticky notes, our experienced team will help ensure the transition is a breeze.

ChurchBooks3 is a complete church membership management software system for new, small, medium and large churches. Consider it growth management software – designed to help you track church attendance, member contributions and every other facet of managing your church … all at a very affordable price, in one easy to use place.

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