Happy Birthday

Tracking Church Membership Birthdays is a great way to reconnect with in-active church members by just saying happy birthday can be priceless at the right moment. The question can be asked, What percentage of your church membership actually attends worship regularly?


Tracking Church Membership birthdays can be an effective way to keep in touch. Best practices for ministry when engaging inactive members using church management software is to show your love and concern by sending a personal letter from the pastor.

Easily search and find birthday information on people in seconds with ChurchBooks3 intuitive design. Store an unlimited amount of information on each person by adding custom fields.
View and print birthday letters for each group of members by the month then quickly communicate with them. Once you identify and group members’ birthdays by tracking them by the month there are many ways your church can acknowledge or celebrate their member’s birthdays.
 You can have a monthly birthday calendar on your church bulletin that has the names of the members on the date of their birthday, the children’s birthdays can be celebrated in Sunday School, and many more but it’s a great idea for the Pastor(s) of the church to mail out a personal Birthday Wish in a personalized letter. Would your Pastor like to personally acknowledge your member’s birthdays with a letter? If yes, click the more information button below and download, customize, and print for your special member’s birthdays throughout the year.
The Church Birthday Letter in the ChurchBooks3 Church Software program is available to download, customize, and print for your Pastoral or church administrative office needs…



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