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Membership Data Transfer

What is Membership Data Transfer

We are thrilled to inform you that our focus remains steadfast on your privacy and security. The ChurchBooks3 program is a standalone database program, which means it does not integrate with any third-party software. Your data remains safely stored on your local computer and protected. After all, who needs private information stored all over the internet in places and on servers that are impossible to track?

If you have a large membership and decide to purchase a plan, we do offer you the service of delivering your program with your members’ information included. 

We can include your membership pre-installed

We can include members’ names (LastName, First), addresses, city/state/zip, cell phone numbers, and even their home phone numbers. For us to provide this mind-blowing service, we kindly request that you provide us with an Excel spreadsheet in the above-mentioned format.

A one-time additional cost of $49. applied for this service. This charge is separate pricing and is not included an Active subscription.

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