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ChuchBooks3 Pricing is an affordable way to managing church information on families and individuals. This all-in-one simple church software programs solution is a standalone program that can also be cloud-based, fully tracking software. ChurchBooks3 provides powerful church management solutions in one location.

Simple Church Software Programs Pricing

Simple Church Software Programs Pricing

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Other Pricing Options

Church Software Pricing Options

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ChurchBooks3 Pricing

The Lifetime Subscription is a Service Level Agreement (SLA)  Lifetime contract. Get all of the above features with the consistency of our long term premium support. With the Lifetime purchase get the CD, please allow 3-4 business days to ship.

ChurchBooks3 Anywhere

Monthly Subscription


ChurchBooks3 Renewal Pricing

This special network offer is for a limited time and allows your ChurchBooks3 Church Software Program to be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection. Your files remain private and stored on your own dedicated server. Enjoy the same ChurchBooks3 simplicity with no downtime

No Credit Card Required
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Verify your church 501 (c) (3) status and get the ChuchBooks3 Church Software Free for 30 days. We make every effort to ensure that the CHurchBooks3 program is the right program for your local church. Once your church status is verified access to the ChurchBooks3 program is approved for download. If you have any questions drop us a line below.

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