Many churches are concerned about what they can do about church membership attendance. Church membership decline can be a real issue. A good church software tracker app is just one way to keep in touch with what is actually happening with your church membership.

Churchbooks3 is the Church Management System that is affordable and tracks your church membership. There is no sermon I am aware of, not on church participation.

Church Membership

There are many reports that do indicate that attendance is down in America. In the USA especially affected by COVID 19 and attendance in Canada as well. What do you think? Could be better organized be a place to start?

Church Attendance

The decline in church membership is consistent with larger societal trends in declining church attendance and an increasing proportion of Americans with no religious preference. This article compares church membership data for the 1998-2000 and 2016-2018 periods, using combined data from multiple years to facilitate subgroup analysis. On average, 69% of U.S. adults were members of a church in 1998-2000, compared with 52% in 2016-2018. The decline in church membership mostly reflects the fact that fewer Americans than in the past now have any religious affiliation. However, even those who do identify with a particular religion are less likely to belong to a church or other place of worship than in the past.

Religiosity is strongly related to age, with older Americans far more likely than younger adults to be members of churches. However, church membership has dropped among all generational groups over the past two decades, with declines of roughly 10 percentage points among traditionalists, baby boomers and Generation X. Most millennials were too young to be polled in 1998-2000. Now that they have reached adulthood, their church membership rates are exceedingly low and appear to be a major factor in the drop in overall U.S. church membership. Just 42% of millennials are members of churches, on average.

What do you think?